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Paradox Interactive officially apologizes for offering TC2M as a gift through GamersGate.

 By Jerad W. Alexander

Nov. 8, 2011

            Above all else, Stephen W. Sears’ 2001 account To The Gates Of Richmond: The Peninsula Campaign demonstrates the power of resolute combat leadership.  The book shows how determined, decisive action can often trump a larger opponent when willful leadership is applied. 

Shiloh:  A Novel
A Review
By Jerad W. Alexander
Oct. 26, 2011

 Of American Civil War novels there seems to be little that gets behind the eyes of rank-and-file soldiers to depict the war as close to realistic as possible.  Novels set in during the war deal with either the commanders, such as with Micheal and Jeff Shaara’s trilogy, or with the rewriting of history such as the works produced by the Newt Gingrich/William R. Forstchen team.  There are also novels of the more romantic, epic variety such as Bernard Cornwell’s Nathaniel Starbuck Chronicles and John Jakes North and South trilogy.  Novels of literary realism that depict the common soldier in action, such as Stephen Crane’s ever-present The Red Badge of Courage, are far less common.  Shelby Foote’s Shiloh: A Novel, however, fits in this category while including gems for fans of history. 

Review: A History of the 3rd South Carolina Regiment: Lee’s Reliables

from TOCWOC - A Civil War Blog by Brett Schulte

This is the fourth and final review of the inaugural titles in the South Carolina Regimental-Roster Set series from Broadfoot Publishing Company. A significant portion of each review will show you how this particular volume compared to the others in the series in terms of regimental history length, amount of annotation, depth and print size of rosters, bibliography, illustrations, and maps. I do this to show readers just how different each volume can be. The South Carolina Regimental-Roster Set bears a striking external appearance to the H.E. Howard Virginia Regimental Histories series. These books were, in fact designed as a South Carolina answer to the Virginia unit histories. Broadfoot hopes to publish 50 volumes in this set, but that plan is dependent on how well these and subsequent books in the series sell. If you are interested in seeing this entire series printed, I encourage you to pick up these volumes immediately rather than put off purchases until later.