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Once a year we gather together in Gettysburg, PA to meet and greet the voices we know so well.  We work closely all year, communicating through email, on skype, but never face to face.  That is except for this once a year.

 What a pleasure it is to meet and shake the hands of all those guys that work so hard to bring the NSD games about.  They put in a ton of hours, testing, designing, drawing, writing, etc.  It's hard, very hard, but it's fun!  Sometimes it's a chore, but even during those times it sure does make it better knowing that you're surrounded by a dedicated group of people that are working just as hard as you.

 So yesterday we met at the Days Inn Gettysburg and proceeded to the East Cavalry Field, the site of our next map.  We had lots of books with us and our guys know enough about GB now that we really didn't need a tour guide, there's enough wealth of information on this team that they could probably teach the official guides a thing or two!  (not to mention that Chuck is a former guide :)

Matt, Jim, Dave, Larry, Eric, and Randy and yours truly had a great day just catching up and putting faces to the names. Larry flew to NYC from California and drove down to GB. Randy drove up from Arkansas! These guys are crazy, but it certainly was worth it seeing everyone. After our tour, we went to the store and got some info about getting the game in there. We would need a CD version, so that made it on the list. We also found out that they do carry Larry's book, but were sold out, so that's pretty cool. We didn't see any other games in there. I remember seeing Sid's game at the Harrisburg museum a few years back. I really hope that we can get our game in there, it would be so good to see it sitting on the shelves. After a great dinner and a few brews, we gathered at the conference room and played some MP. The south kicked butt in both battles, even with me on their side :) We talked about what we want to do next and where the engine should go. We have some plans for other battles, new features, lots of good stuff if you enjoy the game. We even have some ideas for events to get more people playing some MP. We've certainly got some characters on this team, and we are all certainly very different people. But it is that massive diversity that makes the game so good. Everyone looks at it from different perspectives. It was a highlight of my summer to meet everyone and their families, can't wait until next year!