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During the month of June 1863, Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was on the move to invade the north.  The Union army needed a strong defensive position to meet the threat and to defend Baltimore and Washingon.  The Pipe Creek line was the proposed defensive position chosen by Maj. Gen George Gordon Meade when he assumed command of The Army of The Potomac on June 28th, 1863. Read more about The Pipe Creek Line


By July 1st, Meade's Pipe Creek Line was nearly complete with five of the seven corps in position.  The line of course had to be abandoned as the general engagement which both Gen. Heth and Gen. Buford had been cautioned not to bring on, was already under way in the town of Gettysburg. 

This package depicts the fictional Battle of Pipe Creek had the Union army retreated to the Pipe Creek Line after the fighting on July 1st.   

What the package includes:

  • Three five mile maps covering The Pipe Creek Line in Carroll County, MD.
  • Six single player scenarios covering the battle.
  • Three multiplayer scenarios.

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