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So is this the year that we finally finish this game?  I sure hope so.  I believe that I started working in October 2006 on this one, so it's been a while.  Starting from scratch is tough, but sometimes design decisions of the past prevent moving forward.  So sometimes it's the only way to make sure things are done right.

We have our first test team gathered.  These are the guys that are going to help us with testing the AI and gameplay.  We were looking for a small group of dedicated guys that had 10+ hours a week to put into playing the game.  Tough job :)  Testing is different than playing though, because the only way to get things fixed is to be able to recreate the problem, and sometimes that is very hard and time consuming.

We have the testers listed on the FAQ page with the rest of the team:
Phantom Captain
JC Edwards
Little Powell

We'll see how they work out.  As I've posted on the forum, it's not an easy job being a tester for NSD.  We expect a lot from you.  I completely plan on blaming any bugs/crashes that make it into the final game on the test team.  So they had better have a bug in the system or we're hanging them out to dry :)

I started working on MP about a year ago.  I always have about two weeks in December to work full time on the game.  Well this December I finally found the last big bug.  Last night for the first time ever I ran an MP test all night long without one mismatch in sync.  When I woke up I had two 48MB files of numbers that were exactly the same.  The big difference in this test is that I ran a debug build vs. a release build.  That is a good test because the debug build runs slower, so it simulates playing over the net at different speeds.  Not a super great test, but it did have just enough difference in speed to expose the final bug that had been illuding me for a while.  So now I need to grab a tester and test it over the wire.  JC and I hooked up the other night, but could not play at all.  Previously Wrangler and I had played for a while, but we haven't even tried this almost since I wrote it.

 Glad to see the big announcement was so well received.  Hopefully we'll get the word out to other sites, as I know our PR department isn't so hot right now, being as they're busy creating the game. 

 Only one more thing to say:  E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!