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That's After Action Report for those that are unfamiliar with our terms.  So many acronyms, but working mainly in the defense industry forces me to try and remember the multitude that I have to deal with everyday.

This game rocks at Multiplayer!!!!  And I am not just saying that.  There's nothing really like it out there now.  

It's sort of like a good chess match where the pieces shoot at each other.

Last night I was finally ready to do my second round of MP testing and sent out an email to the team.  Louie stepped right up and we connected.  Out of the 5 games we attempted, 2 worked flawlessly.  The other 3 started, but would not play.  I'm not sure exactly what the bug was, but it seemed to have something to do with the map.  Right now scenarios and open play work as choices for multiplayer.  I was amazed at how smooth it ran.  Of course we both ran with minimum settings on.  In multiplayer I want to play and can deal with the game not looking as amazing as usual.

The first battle was a sandbox division vs. division.  We each had 2 infantry brigades and 1 artillery battery.  The open play code leaves much to be desired.  We basically started right on top of each other and then just started firing.  It was not a fair fight, as my Union soldiers out numbered the rebels.  I even went around and captured some guns.  Haven't done that in a while.  To have it work so well just blew me away.  We were on the phone talking trash and just playing and trying to make the other man route.  There's a bug right now where the troops route way too early.  So with that factored in, it was like a wave.  The men would come, route, rest, then regroup and fight.  Neither of us have played the game much since the new toolbar was added, so it took a while to get used to the new buttons.  Once you get used to it, you can't live without it, but there is a learning curve.

 Our second battle was a small scenario that I wrote.  Three infantry brigades start out about 200 yards from each other.  This was a much longer fight, as we were pretty evenly matched.  It looked for a long time that I would lose this one.  But with those massive Union regiments gaining back their morale and coming in for a second and third route, we prevailed yet again.  I honestly didn't do much myself, just let the AI handle most of the details.  I can't wait to try with more people.

Right now I'm just impressed that it ran so well.  I had around 20 fps, but I was running a debug build that runs slower.  Louie ran around 30 fps with the release build.  Like I said, we ran with min settings.  Now I just want to get those last few startup bugs out of there and get this to the testers.  It's a really fun way to test, since the AI runs just like single player mode.  We just can't wait for everyone to try this out.  Our plan is to have MP in the demo, so you can try it out for yourself before you buy.  We don't know when the demo nor the game will be ready, but we've promised it this year.  Keep checking back!