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Like Norb stated in his multiplayer AAR "This game rocks at Multiplayer!!!! And I am not just saying that. There's nothing really like it out there now." This was the second battle in a serious of multiplayer tests for the night. JC and I setup the game for Brigade size with the Attack battle type. I was the Billy Yanks, and JC was the Johnny Rebs. The game loaded and I found my Brigade positioned at the south end of the map, while the VP was at the far north corner. I knew that The Mad One was waiting patiently for me at the VP, but this was going to take a while for me to march that distance (these maps are huge!). I started my Brigade on a march north, and sent my commander on a gallop for recon. When he approached the VP, I found JC's brigade moving into position along a fence. He sent his commander out to meet me, and after a few minutes of galloping around taunting each other, I sent my commander back down to join up with my brigade. After about 20 minutes of marching, JC's brigade was finally in sight. I moved my brigade into a line formation about 300 yards in front of the Yanks, and allowed them to rest for a few minutes (they were exhausted from the long march). First I moved two regiments from the right on my line to attack, and the battle began! Just when I thought that the battle was going in my favor, JC had sent a regiment to my right to flank me! Norb was right that it is like a chess match; every move you make you have to anticipate what the other player is going to do in response. The battle raged on for about 10 minutes, and then unfortunately it froze up on us... But hey, that's what this testing is for! Once the bugs are worked out, multiplayer is going to be amazing with this game! This short battle was definitely the most fun I have ever had with a multiplayer game, and everyone is in for a real treat. :) LP