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A new battle report from the trenches!!!

This battle was fought using a fictitious OOB.

It was a balmy evening, as most July nights are in Pennsylvania, and we glazed across the field at our foes. Maj. Gen. A.P. Hill(JC) had his men up in battle line ready to engage and Brig. Gen. Thomas Huger(estabu) and Col. Archibold Huger(LP) were commanding the Union forces. Estabu held the left of the line and LP held the right side. Their men were positioned at the base of Culp&s Hill and they began marching their forces towards the Rebs. They decided to try a pincer movement and began to move wide around the flanks of JC. JC, analyzing what was about to happen, decided to move his forces up and moved to attack Col. Huger. JC, using Brig. Gen. S McGown's troops, moved at the double quick and engaged LP troops while estabu was moving his troops back to shore up the left flank of LP.

Some of LP's troops heard the dinner bell and decided it was time to scram and left a few holes in the Union line. Estabu's troops got late to the party after a brief skirmish began to fall back. JC was around the Union right flank and this forced estabu and LP's remaining troops to fall back onto Culp's Hill. LP and estabu were able to rally 7 out of their 10 regiments for the defense of Culp's Hill. The Union held a strong line along the entrenchments of Culp's Hill and was ready to give JC a piece of Union steel.

JC began advancing and was again trying to move around the right flank. A sharp engagement began, but wouldn't you know it that dang Union dinner bell rang again, and the Union boys decided it was better to eat then stand and fight the Rebs. JC proceeded to roll up and over Culp's Hill capturing a Union battery and forcing all the Union forces to evacuate Culp's Hill. It was a rough day for the Union Army fighting prowess, but a good day for stew and apple pie.