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Speaking as someone who can get into serious trouble modding I figure I'm just the bloke to write this.

The biggest difference a player of mods will see in this game ( and its HUGE ) is the mod is entirely within the game separate install needed at all thank you very much.
The biggest thing a modder will see ( and it too is HUGE ) is that you only have to alter the files you want to. I'll explain......

Within the game is a Mod folder. Within this folder are all the mods you want to make. Say,  like me,  you want a Nappy Mod. You create a Nappy folder within the Mod folder. In the Nappy folder you put all the files you want to alter. Got new sprites? ...throw em in there. Got new OOB's, scenarios? ...throw em in.
The game sees your work and puts your mod in a list in the "Modifications" area on the mainscreen of the game. When you start the game, you turn on the the mod you want there, then proceed to either the Sandbox (Open Play) or the Scenario section and play your mod.
The game defaults to the Mod folder if you turn on your mod. It picks up your mod files first, then fleshes the game out with the main game's files.
Your map mod will show up on the list of maps you want to play. So not only can you play Gen'l Gibbons in the Wheatfield but you can play him in Salamanca if you want......or Marshal Soult defending Culps Hill...... as well as India or Borneo or New Mexico for that matter......You make it; they will come.
For the time being , of course, maps will be off limits, but we plan to ship with enough to keep everyone busy for quite a while and judging from my experience playing around with the modding attributes of this game so far I predict a very large modding community.
The possibilities seem sorta endless.  :)

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