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Last summer in July the War3DII team met for the first time face to face.  We decided that it made sense to make this meeting at the site of our upcoming game.  So off to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania we went.  We had a great time and toured many of the battlefields.  It was very nice to meet the guys that you have been working with over the years.  This year we're doing it again...

"Eternal Light Peace Memorial" on Oak Hill at noon on July 25th.
Evening at the Pickett's Charge Room, 4th Floor Days Inn Gettysburg
As of now you will only be able to play on the computers we provide, if that changes we will post.

The weekend of July 25/26 2009 the War3DII Team is meeting in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for our second annual meeting :)  We decided that this year we would let everyone know, just in case anyone is interested in touring the sites with us.  Some will bring their families, some won't, but it was a great time last year and I expect more of the same.

 Since we don't have a demo out at this point, we thought that it might be nice to bring a couple of our boxes along and let people try the game.  In order for us to properly prepare, you'll have to email us if you want to try out the game at Gettysburg.  Otherwise we might bring too little or too much equipment.  So if you are planning to attend and want a shot at playing the game, please send an email to gettytrip at norbsoftware dot com.  Please include you're name, how many people will be playing, and your contact information.  We'll also use these emails to send out any information in case any of the details change.

 Last year we met at a monument at noon on Saturday.  We'll figure out the details and pass them along.  We plan on touring the battlefields during the day, then playing some W3DIIGB in the evening.  We don't have all the details yet, but some of that will depend on the head count.

 So please plan on joining us, we would really enjoy learning from everyone's knowledge of this battle that we're trying to bring back to life.