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I have been getting a lot of questions lately about our game, so I thought it best to answer them here.  Because if people are sending me messages, I figure that there are a lot more with the same questions.

1. What is the expected release date of the Gettysburg Scourge of War game?

1st Quarter 2010.  We had been shooting for the end of 2009, but it just could not be done.  Most of this is due to the multiplayer feature.  It's pretty solid, but there are still a few looming bugs that we want to get nailed down.  The test team has been doing a great job of getting together 3 times a week to play.  But to track down these tough bugs I have to add information to the log, then they play, then I add more information.  It's a slow process, especially when everyone is doing this while holding another full time job.  We all do this in our spare time, so although we do try to keep to a schedule, we cannot always finish things right on time.


2. What will be the price?

Somewhere between 30-50 dollars.  We just are not sure yet.  I have a lot of people to still ask advice on this and I want to show them the final product before I call in those favors.  We understand the highs and lows of each price.  We just have to decide where we fall.  These games do not sell a ton of copies, so it makes sense to keep the price in a range where it will make a little money for the team.  But on the other hand, the lower the price, hopefully the more copies it will sell.  It's a tough call, maybe we'll flip a coin :) 

3. Where will the game be available?

The game will be available for download.  We are going to try selling it ourselves at first.  We would like to keep control of the game and are just not willing to sign rights over to a publisher at this point.  The store that we set up will be able to accept money from all over the world.  So anyone should be able to buy it.

 4. What type of copy protection?


Right now it's looking like you will have a one time activation.  So you will have to be connected to the internet to activate the game, then you can play all you want.  You will be able to transfer the game to another computer.  We haven't worked out all the details, but we are working with a great company that has done this for many products.

5. Will there be a demo?

Yes.  We will have a demo and it will be multiplayer.  We want people to try before they buy.  So make sure the game runs well enough on your rig before you put down your cash.

6. What are the system requirements?

It's looking like a dual-core with 2 gig of ram and a 256 video card at the least.  It will probably run on less.  We have gone through and set options to remove everything that is not 100% required to play the game.  This means that if you have an old box, you should get the demo and try it out.  It won't be pretty without all the great graphics, but it should run. 

7. What mods are available?

 One thing people always look for in these games are the mods.  This game will have even greater modding support than my previous games.  Where I focused mostly on the modder in the past, this game we focused on the player.  So it will be much easier to download and play mods.  You will not have to edit any files to play mods.  Just install and it will work.  I am sure that many players did not touch some of the great mods created because they were just too hard to install.  Our new design took that into account, so now anyone should have no problem installing a mod.  NSD does not write mods, the community does.  So I can't comment on what mods will be available.  Many of our team members create their own mods.  So they are in a great position to get something out the door.  We have test mods going on, and I'm sure some will be finished and release.  We will find a way to host mods and make sure everyone can install them easily.