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I am receiving a lot of emails and PMs about the release date.  It's easier to just do a small update here.  We don't have an exact date.  We are on schedule and see no issues for us making this quarter.

March 1st is code freeze.  No changes to the source or the scenarios unless they are fixing major bugs.  We are sort of there now, but we are still working hard to get the proper scores in the scenarios. 

After then I will build the installer and everyone will then be testing with the installer build.  We will be testing the store, the activation, etc.  At that point it's just a matter of getting everyone's thumbs up.  Larry, Eric, & Jim will be finishing up the manual.  The rest of the testers will be working hard to be the first ones on the Generals List :)

 We are looking at a late March release.  The demo is the game.  So it will be out at the same time.  When you purchase you will receive an activation code to unlock the full game.  It will require 1 time internet activation.  It will not require a connection to play, just activate.

That's all the info I have.  When we have a better date we'll update everyone.