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Game crash in Waterloo Sandbox campaign

5 years 6 days ago #1 by Awld Hooky

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  • Hi,

    This is an issue regarding Waterloo sandbox campaign. I played the campaign a couple of times after purchasing the game at xmas but not to a finish, just to get a feel for it and with different options chosen and faction choice and the game ran fine and after battles the game returned to the campaign map. But recently I've been trying to give the campaign a thorough play through as the Brits/Prussia and with the game set at destroy the enemy rather than the alternative capture regions and the like. So I set off, meet Napoleon, spend literally hours bashing him to pieces and the game ends with a victory message ? Noting the game states destroy half of his entire force of 130,000 men ? When the battle ends I've noticed I've only destroyed about 20,000 of his forces, so I started to think he must be retreating to fight another day ? Well anyway when I click on End game, the game crashes to desktop and except for the in battle save points the campaign progress is lost. I don't know what's happening to cause this ? I'm reading through the forum discussions for answers to similar issues but don't see anything related specifically. I'm just playing the base game Waterloo and it's a fresh install with all previous data files deleted from the documents folder and the only mod I'm using is the Full French mod, I'm not using the grognar toolbar expanded mod and all traces of the KS mod I tried out have been removed because after trying the Russian campaign with the mod and then returning to the Waterloo scenario, no matter how many times I deleted the Russian campaign save the new Waterloo campaign would be titled Russian campaign ? So that's why I did a fresh install and removed all the files in the documents folder. Am I doing something wrong ? Does the campaign understand the choice of destroy the enemy ? Have I changed something inadvertently after reinstalling the game or the mods ? Any advice or information would be most welcome and I'll try running the campaign with a different option to see if it still CTDs. Many thanks in advance for any replies :)

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