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Question about apparent deployment problem

5 years 5 months ago #1 by yadmas

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  • I notice there are many scenarios where when i start, you can see around me the other units that are part of my army, but not under my control. understood. but why do they just sit there for the entire match? theres the User Scenario, namur road battle where im controlling a division...right beside me is cavalry. and there they sit the entire battle. are the not supposed to aid me? it would explain why i simply can not win this scenario on any higher level then militia. or any battle for that matter. ive yet to win one. im either not thinking outside the box enough, or im doing something very poorly. i understand all the basics of command and ive played a few game like this... any advice? thanks

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    5 years 4 months ago #2 by RebBugler

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  • Scenarios are designed with 'frendlys' so you get the full battle immersion. They are not intended to help out although I have heard of courier orders being carried out.

    Just answered your PM. Like I said, too much info at once. You mentioned TC functions for helping you win. Start with learning and testing TC functions explained in this thread . The Grog Toolbar includes all those TC commands.

    Bugles & Flags Gettysburg - Toolbar, Flags, Scenarios, and More...

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