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The Power Lobby - Revised Path to MP Gaming

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  • The Power Lobby has been down for years, it was too unstable to ever use. Here's a stable fix:

    For everyone.
    1. Enter a Player Name and Account Name. They can be the same. No password.

    For Players.
    2. Enter the game Host's IP address. He has to give you this. Enter 31791 into the Server Port. We've found this is necessary for a few players.
    3. Press the Join button once the host is in the staging room.

    For the host.
    1.Open UDP port 31791 in your router. See your router instructions for the procedure. This only has to be done once.
    2. On the MP screen enter your IP address and Server Port number, 31791. This only has to be done once.
    3. Press the Host button.

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