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Posting Messages & Replying - NOTIFICATION

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  • Posting Messages & Replying - NOTIFICATION

    Just recently a spam-check has been added to our NSD website regarding message posting.  Please note the following:

    When posting messages or replying to them, you must answer a simple math question before you can 'Submit' your message.  The issue is, whether you post an attachment or not, you must click 'Attachments' to see and answer the 'spam check' question.  If you don't, you won't be able to 'Submit' your message.  Once you click 'Attachments' and answer the question, there's no need to hit Return or anything else, just select 'Submit' to post your message.

    Deleting Attachments Warning

    Before deleting (Remove) an attachment select 'Source'. then 'Select All' in the menu and copy the text in your post because when you delete an attachment most of the text in your post will also be deleted.  Once the attachment is deleted then paste back your copied text while still in 'Source' mode.  Additionally, delete the text associated with the deleted attachment.  To return to the normal edit mode click 'Source' again.  Adding attachments works better in the normal edit mode.

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